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There are several types of card templates which are needed, and only a few criteria to satisfy;


- Sharp and clean design
- Minimalistic style appropriate for a futuristic setting
- All blank data spaces must be present in the blanks
- Blanks must be in .png format with a high resolution (>720p preferred)
- Each blank template must have appropriate color variations; these are simplistic, and should only take a decent artist a few clicks and saves.
- Must be willing to draft the blanks before applying laborous detailing, in case of necessary edits. I will pay extra in case of more than three (flexible) edits.
- Be aware that the cards will be incorporated into a user interface allowing players to inspect elements of the card, as well as tweak and customize the unit or equipment in question.

Templates needed;

- Unit Card; Unit cards are used to airdrop recently cloned members of your squad into your commander's vicinity, as well as to airdrop in grunt units. These are only drawn when the appropriate unit is dead or recovering, and are replaced with unique ability cards when they are alive.

- Ability Card; Ability cards are unique to each class, and can be used on your living units to use special abilities that they have unlocked. If no living members of your squad can use an ability card, they will be replaced with a Unit Card to have them airdropped in.

- Tactic Card; Tactic cards affect all units in a certain vicinity of the unit they are used on, and will alter their behavior or attributes for a brief time.

- Weapon Card; An equippable weapon usable by units.

- Gear Card; An equippable piece of armor usable by units.

- Building Card; A card which is used to construct a building or structure with the appropriate resources.

Hello and merry christmas to all you brilliant artists on this odd little site!

I'm looking for a character artist as mentioned above to work on character designs related to a webseries which is in the early planning phase. I'm hoping to give one of you lesser-known artists a shot for three reasons; 1. is because I usually have great results from the "hidden gem" artists I've hired in the past. 2. is because it feels great to help fledgling artists fill up their portfolios (and their wallets, of course!). 3. Is because they don't charge 400 bucks per sketch.

This being said, I am on a budget, and would like to keep things below 30USD (28EUR, 25GBP, 1800R, etc.) per character if at all possible. I may, however, contact you in the future for shading and coloring! I'd just like to get as many of the cast drawn out as I can as soon as I can.

An art style I'm quite in love with from the perspective of texturing models (as I do plan on doing this in 3d, not live action) is definitely semirealistic cel shaded. If you're good at working with that style, PLEASE APPLY!

Just to clarify, in case my multiple mentions of 3d modelling confused any of you, I'm not looking for models.

Here's some setting and style information for this project;

- Cel-shaded realistic is the preferred style. I'm aware I'll probably be going for B&W sketches, and I'm also aware that cel-shading is a coloring style mostly. I hope I'm not being confusing ;-;

- These characters live in a sci-fantasy setting. Expect both battlesuits and sorcerers in the mix. For those of you who can't draw mechs, I can confirm there are exactly zero mech pilots in the cast!

- Some characters in the roster have slightly grotesque traits, being infected by the Blight. I'll go into detail about this once I hire you, but think zombieitis.

- A wide variety of ages exist, mostly because of flashbacks. You'll probably wind up drawing characters as youngsters, adults, and elders in some cases.

- I despise unnecessary oversexualization of female (and male, but females usually get the boob armor treatment more than males get the unnecessary codpiece treatment!) characters. You can't take a female soldier seriously if she's wearing a metal bikini of a "hazmat suit", after all.

- Not everyone is human in this universe. Quite a few of the characters are different races, though I've got generic references for them all on hand.

    -Humans; Well... I think you know what humans look like. Just a gut feeling.
    -Ma'arani; The evolutionary ancestors of the human race. Hailing from Mars, Ma'arani      look very similar to humans, though they have rather large eyes, a lighter frame,        and have extremely pale skin. With enough makeup, a Ma'arani can easily pass for a      human.
    -Zhaekileans; Their origins are unknown, as they are a highly xenophobic people. A        sapient insectoid race, Zhaekileans are almost eternally on life support in order to        survive on planets with significant gravity. While they have a very slim stature, they      are surprisingly strong thanks to their very dense muscle structure and their near-       zero body fat content.
    -Cladorians; Like Zhaekileans, the origins of the Cladorian race are unknown, even to      Cladorians. Cladorians strongly resemble lions, and have a tendency to run around        on all fours. They originally lived on the closest planet to the star Makida II, and            have adapted to living in very hot temperatures.
    -Somai'i; The Somai'i are a race of reptilian hunter gatherers. While they have a            rather fearsome appearance, culturally they are very pacifistic and shamanistic. 

-Don't worry, I've got much better descriptions of each.. and for all but one, I even have generic references, as mentioned.

- Your projects won't be dropped on your head all at once, I'll give you characters one or two at a time. This is so that I can actually pay you for your work in a timely fashion! I hate to keep artists waiting for their paycheck. It makes me feel like a terrible person.




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Lord-Voltain's Profile Picture
Gerard Atlas
United States
I am the head of design and president of a small independent game studio located... well, actually nowhere at the moment, though we will be setting up shop in Atlanta, GA sometime next year!

I peruse deviantart to find freelance artists who haven't been freelancing for very long for two reasons;

1. Because I understand it's difficult to get in the business, and I love helping out independent artists like myself. I know what it's like to have ramen as a spirit animal :)

2. The price is right. Less experienced artists have a tendency to work within our price range (which is pretty small given the state of our studio at the moment). It isn't exactly possible for us to even post an ad on artstation, let alone shell out the thousands of dollars that top notch artists tend to charge for their work.

You won't find very much about our studio, since at this point all the development we are doing is in the form of concept art, concept notes, and early engine design. We don't need to get any hype trains rolling quite yet, so the four of us just lurk in the background; our time will come, but we need to finish this damn engine first!

I myself am a writer and a coder, going to college at the DAVE school in Orlando, FL with two of my fellow team members for a degree in game design, while the other two lucky sods on the team graduated from Ringling [jealousy intensifies].

If you're interested in joining the project, shoot me an email at for some information on what exactly our project is. Be warned; it's not very impressive aside from the hundreds of calculations we've done so far. We're college kids with big dreams; if you don't mind joining us on eventual revenue share, we'd always appreciate the brainstorming power :)


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I'm concerned now. I just got a note about commissions. :iconpapmingplz: